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Park Cafe
Parade from Bay Parkade, Saskatoon
Shopping at the OK Economy 1975 Saskatoon
Corner of 21st Street E & 3rd Avenue 1975 Saskatoon
20st Between Ave E & F
Riversdale Pool
20th Street Ave D & E
Rite Spot Restaurant next to Birks on 3rd Ave
Ave K South
City Hall
Owl Billiards
In Front of the Midtown Plaza
Ave B & 20th Street
Ave B & 19th Street
Behind the Albany Hotel
Ave K
Rooming House on 300 Block of Ave B South
2nd Ave and 21 Street
25th Street & 3rd Avenue
In front of King George Hotel
8th Street
Dairy Queen 8th Street
Ave P & 20th Street
Saskatoon Exhibition, Bob Hope and friends
100 Block Ave M South
Saskatoon Camera Club
21st Street East across from Senator Hotel
OwL Billiards basement McMillan Bldg 21 St E
70s Selfie, Basement Adiliman's Store